Soweto Tour

South Western Township is where it’s all happening, from apartheid history to building new beginnings. The largest black city in Africa. Let us experience the vibe, myth and controversy. See how this “rural slump” as it was referred to in the past, has a strong and long history of the hard-fought struggle against apartheid and is becoming a world class urban area.


  • :: The houses of two Nobel peace price winners, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu
  • :: informal settlement and witness the living conditions of the poor
  • :: Hector Peterson museum and discover the turning point of the struggle against apartheid.
  • :: Regina Mundi church. Parliament of the people during the struggle
  • :: Kliptown and Freedom Square etc

*** : R495.00 pp Cost
*** : R995.00 pp [including lunch]
*** : R1295.00 pp [including lunch & apartheid]
*** : R895.00 pp [including apartheid museum]

Apartheid Museum

The museum which tells the story of apartheid and also shows the world racial prejudice which nearly destroyed the nation & the triumph of human spirit over adversity.

Cluster Soweto Tour

Soweto Western Township, place of contrast, shanties, luxurious mansions, developments and variety of nvestments. Township with major projects and attractions in the country, pubs and restaurants and accommodation.

*** Daily Times : 09H00-15h00
*** Cost: R995.00 per person [lunch included]